A Calmer Room

by Dream Caste

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cassette tape out now on KYEO Speaks (kyeospeaks.com) and Dreamdiver (dreamdiverdiscos.tumblr.com)


released December 3, 2013

this demo was self-recorded by DxC and mastered by Kasey Clark



all rights reserved


Dream Caste California


Dream Caste was Leo, Garrett, Mark, Omar

contact - invertebrat@gmail.com / kyeospeaks@gmail.com

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Track Name: Unyielding Spirit
Unyielding Spirit

he turns to sing about the light
and how he wants to be it
it bursts the capillaries
in your extremities
when you remember me,
you'll feel like bursting
don't stop, don't bother to move
when they tell you to sit still
i want to stand my ground
i want to show you around
kill the head, kill the body
kill the lies, let's stay a while
sever lungs, sever lies
forgot how to act, leave
Track Name: It's A Good Day To Be A Chair
It's A Good Day To Be A Chair

we'll visit each other when we're sick
but we'll both suffer knowing that
roll from my eyes, this is control
this is my only control
yesterday was too dense to forget
and i don't wanna deal with it anymore
i'm staring at my fingers
and smiling at the wall
staring at... daddy, daddy is so bad
shout the answers. it can't be so simple
it's coming closer; a shadow looming
around the corner
a shadow looming 'round and 'round the corn'
Track Name: Very Maximum Pain
Very Maximum Pain

it's a measure of the journey
it's a happiness justified by pain
and not the other way if you are lucky enough
if i was to die, it would make me never
ever want to say that i lived my life
wounds not to tend to but to admire
worthwhile wound
sweat, cry, pray
stop me from reaching the door
rays creak behind the shutter blinds
making it brighter than it was before
"how you doin'? come on... get in the car"
i'm sidewalk trippin' across a desert sea
and the only thing in view is you
bring me back to start and go
these puzzle pieces
reworked, worked out
i can't give so i'll just take again
Track Name: Camp 2: My Wiener
Camp 2: My Wiener

you live on your knees
heaving hour upon hour and
you wipe the bile from your lips
i'm turning out the light now that i'm leaving
kill me with the dark
stay out tonight and know that i'm leaving
i'm held back by what i could've been
and i gotta let it all pour out
i filled up my wishing well for you
the baby has drowned
life was just a wander
like fine white sand slipping through
my fingers - lifeless, distant
wander and waiting
write down these scribbles
and notes i want to be
Track Name: Erick's Day Off
Erick's Day Off

you take me in
you build me up
you wreck me cold
do you even think about it?
if you had to ask
i would say that i want more from you
when i didn't ask, you said
the love we share is similar
you said that mine was harsh
and yours unconditional
the limits of my patience
the time i had to wait
it's a bridge i find worth burning
i made my bed for nothing
i use pen to sing
it's such a minor thing
it's all brand new
fuck saying i'm dead in the A.M.
i don't care how it looks
big surprise, boy surprise
fuck sitting, i'm standing in your shoes
i'm sitting, not standing in your shoes
i need that something,
give me that something